Anrick Bregman at POV Hackathon

Filmmakers and developers are invited to spend November 8th and 9th collaborating on the creation of web documentary prototypes. This “weekend lab” will take place in New York and promises to match talented non-fiction media makers with skilled technologists to provide both teams with a chance to re-invent web documentaries. One of the participants will be a UNIT9′s director, Anrick Bregman.

The Kissinger Twins at Edmonton International Film Festival

On October, the 2nd and 4th, Dawid and Kasia will present their show “Cinematic Labyrints” at Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada.

They will talk about the evolution of storytelling in the digital age, present their works from years 2002 – 2014. Finally they will make Live Cinema Performance of their interactive film ‘Sufferrosa’. ‘Sufferrosa’ is so far the only interactive film regularly presented at film and new media festivals.

The Kissinger Twins at Festival fuer Digital Kunst in Trier

This weekend, creative duo The Kissinger Twins will present at the Festival fuer Digital Kunst in the European Art Academy in Trier, Germany.

On Friday, July 20th, Dawid and Kasia will present “Cinematic Labyrints”, talking about the evolution of storytelling in the digital age. The following day, June 21th, there will be also a live cinema performance of their interactive film ‘Sufferrosa’. Sufferrosa is so far the only interactive film regularly presented at film and new media festivals.

‘Cinematic Labyrinths by The Kissinger Twins’ at the Noise Pop Festival

The Kissinger Twins will be presenting “Cinematic Labyrinths” at the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco, on February 28th. The creative duo are at the forefront of creating an exciting highly interactive element to web based cinematic storytelling, where they break with linearity, and fully immerse you, the viewer, in the cinematic labyrinth.

Catch the Kissinger Twins’ presentation at The NWBLK, San Francisco, starting 9:00pm.

Vincent Morisset speaking at the Haiti Optimiste

UNIT9 Interactive Director Vincent Morisset will be speaking at a festive, star-studded evening to benefit Ciné Institute, Haiti’s only film school. Hosted by the French Institute at New York, the celebration will begin with a screening of work by the Institute’s students, followed by a Q&A with leaders in the film industry.

The benefit will take place on February 20th, 7:00 pm, at the FIAF, Florence Gould Hall, in New York.

IPA/APA Interactive Framework for Producing Interactive Projects in Advertising Launched

UNIT9 Managing Director, Valentina Cullati, today helped launch the first set of guidelines for interactive production. The IPA/APA Interactive Framework for Producing Interactive Projects in Advertising is designed to help secure the future of the industry and guarantee that teams work collaboratively to deliver excellence.

Speaking of the momentous event, Valentina believes; “The launch of the first set of guidelines for interactive production is incredibly exciting. It has been a fantastic opportunity for UNIT9 and me personally to help shape and drive the“IPA/APA Interactive Framework for Producing Interactive Projects in Advertising” over the last 18 months. As one of the original digital production companies these guidelines feel like an important step-forward. The opportunity has enabled us to secure the future of our industry and guarantee that we work collaboratively to deliver excellence, therefore bolstering the UK industry. This announcement comes at the beginning of an exciting year for UNIT9 and feels like the beginning of our best year yet.”

Carlos Ulloa (HelloEnjoy) speaking at Play & Make

Interactive director and co-founder of the HelloEnjoy creative duo, Carlos Illoa, will be speaking at the Make & Play Conference at Düsseldorf, Germany, later this year. PLAY & MAKE, formerly known as Flashforum Konferenz, is an event for everybody who is interested in technology and design. Carlos will give a walkthrough new web browser technologies, sharing his experience crafting HelloRun, an HTML5 game available both on desktop and mobile.

Catch Carlos talk at 15:15 on Monday 9th, in Capitol Theatre, Düsseldorf.

Carlos Ulloa (HelloEnjoy) speaking at DevFest Madrid 2013

Interactive director and co-founder of the HelloEnjoy creative duo, Carlos Illoa, will be speaking at the DevFest Madrid 2013. Carlos will present HelloRun 3D HTML5, the latest game created by HelloEnjoy, designed to take full advantage of the latest technologies in browsers, both computers and mobile platforms.

His talk will discuss the development of the project, emphasising creative and technical aspects, and the challenges and opportunities offered by WebGL and Web Audio API for building interactive 3D experiences.

The Kissinger Twins speaking at the Tofifest

On 27th of October, The Kissinger Twins together with musician Smolik will be presenting The Trip at the Closing Ceremony of Tofifest, an International Film Festival held in UNIT9 director Dawid Marcinkowski’s home city, Toruń, Poland. At the Ceremony Dawid will be also awarded the Golden Flisak, a special award for innovative film artists associated with Toruń.

The event starts at 9:00 pm, in the Od Nowa, ul. Gagarina 37A, Toruń.

The Kissinger Twins at the Kerry Film Festival

Dawid and Kasia are invited to present their interactive films The Trip and Sufferosa in Cross Media Showcase of Kerry Film Festival in Tralee, Ireland.‎ Kerry Film Festival (KFF) is an internationally recognised film festival which takes place across the County of Kerry each October.

KFF is renowned for celebrating the work of young filmmaking talent through a well established and lively short film competition that has been supported by luminaries from the world of film such as director Paul Greengrass, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, and Cillian Murphy.

KFF is keeping pace with the future of filmmaking and the technology it embraces. Their Cross Media Showcase gives a taste of the future – works that embrace multiple formats and where the storytelling is directed by the viewer.

Catch the Kissinger Twins at 2pm in The Wellspring Gallery, Denny Street, Tralee.

Francesco Bernabei speaking at Creativity Day 2013

Florence based UNIT9′s Creative Producer Francesco Bernabei will be speaking at the Creativity Day 2013 at Rome, Italy. Francesco will discuss the latest technologies in interactive storytelling, sharing our experience working on the Find Your Way to OZ Chrome Experiment. It is a challenge to extend the magical world of Disney into an interactive tale for the web, and Francesco will take you through the technology UNIT9 used to achieve it. Francesco’s talk will take place at 17:15 in the Crowne Plaza St Peter’s, Rome.

The Kissinger Twins at The Filmteractive Festival

UNIT9′s directors duo The Kissinger Twins will be presenting their transmedia project The Trip at the Filmteractive Festival in Lodz, Poland. The Filmteractive Festival is devoted to digital creators and artists, who will present their innovative film & crossmedia projects, as well as digital art cases. Catch the Kissinger Twins at 15:35 in the National Film School in Lodz.

Robert Bader speaking at Digitized 2013

Berlin based UNIT9 Creative Partner and Interactive Director, Robert Bader, will be speaking at this year’s Digitized Conference at Athens, Greece. Robert’s talk takes place on the second day of the Digitized Conference, September 21, at 17:00 in the Onasis Cultural Centre.

Robert Bader speaking at OFFF Festival

Berlin based UNIT9 Creative Partner and Interactive Director, Robert Bader, will be speaking at this year’s OFFF Festival. Discussing the latest technologies used in digital advertising, Robert will give a controversial and inspiring insight into how to approach creative production and interactive storytelling. Showcasing a range of successful campaign examples and some of our never seen before prototypes, the talk explores excitement towards latest technologies and creativity that can engage through simplicity, governed by pure storytelling. Catch Robert Bader at 17:25 in the Openroom, Offf, Barcelona.

Anrick Bregman speaking at Springfestival’s Springsessions

Represented by UNIT9, Anrick Bregman has built his trade making interactive stories for the browser. Speaking at this year’s SpringSessions, Anrick will discuss Cult Web, content which steps outside the standard web narrative and its technical conventions, and will explore the idea of Cult Web, and how it inspires and influences his work. The speech will focus on more recent projects, including Find Your Way To Oz, an immersive WebGL experience for the new film Oz The Great and Powerful, as well as Attraction, the world’s first interactive anime, which was created with anime legend Koji Morimoto and Studio 4c.

Anrick will be speaking in the Auditorium, Joanneumsviertel, 8010 Graz at 14:10.

Kissinger Twins – Ambulante Festival

Dawid Marcinkowski and Kasia Kifert, aka The Kissinger Twins, have been asked to present an “Interactive Storytelling and Beyond” speech at the Ambulante Festival in Mexico on April 16 in Guadalajara and April 18 in Morelia. Twins will showcase their favourite projects and discuss the evolution of online storytelling. From an online interactive music video from Smolik Attitude (2003), through to the multi award winning film Sufferrosa (2010), considered one of the biggest interactive films ever made, to their latest trans-media project The Trip (2013). And as the Twins always endeavour to do, they will try to scary the audience by showing a collection of terrifying monsters from a number of 1950s sci-fi films.

Anrick – FITC Amsterdam 2013

FITC Amsterdam February 2013 – Design. Technology. Cool Shit. YOU. UNIT9! Join Anrick as he explores the concept of ‘cult web’ through projects which have opened up the idea of cult content online. What is ‘cult web’? How many of us are working at the same time, being pulled in different directions, but often still inspired by the same things? Similar to cult film, cult web serves largely as an inspiration for many. Anrick will explore projects which he considers to be ‘cult web’, in the meantime showing his own recent work, discussing the link between the two.

Yates Buckley – FITC Amsterdam

Technical Partner at UNIT9 Yates Buckley speaking at FITC Amsterdam

Presenting ‘Brain to Tornadoes’

Sometimes during development of visual effects based experiences you find unusual cross over. Recently I found myself in the odd situation of discovering that code we were using to look at mouse brain was actually useful to create a nice tornado effect. With permission of the Max Plank Institute and my advisor Moritz Helmstaeder, and with programmatic help from Dmitry Orlov we were able to transform a volumetric shader designed for science games ( to one for entertainment. In this talk I will take apart the graphical elements that made our storm scene for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ Chrome Experiment done for Google and Disney and leave you with a brain challenge.

Kissinger Twins – Inspirational Festival Madrid

Dawid and Kate, alias Kissinger Twins, join Inspirational Festival Madrid as keynote speakers. They will reflect the audio-visual evolution of the web with a journey through the movies and interactive projects made by Kissinger Twins. An exciting highlight of their presentation will be the Spanish pra-premiere of their newest interactive movie “The Trip”. “The Trip” is an interactive experience and linear movie. A satire of technology, based on the story of Jack Torrance, an American film director who in 1969 took America to the moon.

The Hoxton Window Project: Matt Saunders

Illustrator, director, animator, editor, curator Matt Saunders is going to paint our windows for The Hoxton Window Project, around 22nd November. Some of the people he has worked with include Lucas Film, TED Talks, Chronicle Books, Channel four, Marks & Spencers Tiger Print,Picasso Pictures, Spindle Magazine, Itch Design, Juxtapoz, Digital Artists, Belle and Sebastian and more. We are looking forward to his artwork accompanying us through the first winter months.

Vincent Morisset judges Lovie Awards

unit9′s Montreal-based director Vincent Morisset judges this year’s Lovie Awards. He will be juding entries in the categories: Website Single – Games, Music and Weird; Internet Video – Music and Best Use of Interactive Video; Mobile and App – Experimental + Games for handheld and tablet. Gives us a great occasion to spend some time with him here in London!

Christian Etter – College of Design Bern and Biel

Christian Etter will be speaking about “The digital Evolution” at the College of Design Bern and Biel, Nov 1st.The school is the competence center for creative-artistic, technical and creative-design-crafts education in Espace Mittelland and hosts a series of public lectures named ‘Standpunkte’(positions), featuring Swiss industry creatives. Christian’s talk will explore how technical progress is changing our society as never before. Analysing the last 200,000 years of our patchy humanity, the presentation discusses the importance of technological progress for the future of visual communication, giving pragmatic insights into the production of digital communications for global brands. Where: Salzhausstrasse 21, 2503 Biel/Bienne. When: 6.30pm.

Martin Percy – Cannes Lions Imagination Day 2012

The Imagination Day 2012 will be held together with the Polish Cannes Lions representative Association of Advertising Agencies (SAR) on 23rd of October in Warsaw, Poland. The event was created to raise awareness of the advertising industry Poland’s for that awesome stuff you can produce in the digital spectrum. Since day one, the event tries to assemble the best possible talents out there to discuss their work,process and insights. This year UNIT9 director Martin Percy will be amongst the speakers to share “The Interactive Filmmaker’s Manifesto”. The talk presents an outline of what’s happening in interactive and personalised film. We’ll see clips from great work from all over the world, and see how these pieces relate to each other – leading to a manifesto on how to keep moving the medium forward.

Giallo Fever! at the Anthology Film Archives, NYC

7 Directors! 10 Films! 10 Days! Rare 35mm prints of the sexiest, scariest, kitchiest Italian thriller/horror AKA Giallo titles from the 60′s and 70′s are brought to you for the first time in NYC, co-sponsored by UNIT9. “These films have influenced me creatively, for their bravery and freshness, breaking the dogmas of the mainstream films of the time. I call for all interactive filmmakers and designers to be as brave.”, says Piero Frescobaldi. Join us for this special event in NYC! Where: Anthology Film Archives 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street) New York.

Sacco judges NXT Stage Awards

Sacco judges NXT Stage Awards: Our very own Emmanuel Saccoccini, Executive Producer at UNIT9.SF, will be judging the NXT Stage Hollywood International Film Advertising Craft Awards this September. With him on the panel is Tom Dunlap (RSA Films), Chia Tucker (Gorgeous), Georges Bermann (Partizan) and Pelle Nilsson (B-Reel), amongst others.

Martin Percy joins The Pixel Lab2012

Thirty-four of the brightest cross-media professionals in Europe will gather in Potsdam in July for The Pixel Lab 2012, Power to the Pixel (PttP) has announced. Amongst them, UNIT9 director Martin Percy, who will participate with The KnowYourself Machine.

Now in its third year, The Pixel Lab is PttP’s unique cross-media workshop, a residential training event at which participants from 16 different European countries come together to develop and exchange skills and ideas to create, produce and finance cross-media properties.

The Pixel Lab 2012 will run from 1 to 7 July at the Resort Schwielowsee, Potsdam, Germany. Producers attending with a project attend a second workshop run in London in tandem with PttP’s Cross-Media Forum, from 16 to 19 October held in association with the BFI London Film Festival. when one producer will be awarded The Pixel Lab Prize. Up to three producers will be selected to present their project at TorinoFilmLab’s Final Meeting Event in November.

Pixel Lab tutors include Michel Reilhac, executive director of ARTE France Cinéma, Sean Coleman, cross-media writer and producer, Ben Grass, managing director of Pure Grass Films, and Michelle Kass, film and literary agent of Michelle Kass Associates.

Behind The Magic Of Lights: HelloEnjoy at LFPUG

unit9′s interactive director duo HelloEnjoy created a mind-blowing 3D music video for Ellie Goulding’s song Lights. Carlos Ulloa explains how the team chose WebGL and created various immersive graphic effects, walking the audience through the design and production process, sharing his thoughts about the work and showing behind the scenes demos and prototypes. Join us at the London Flash Platform Users Group. 31st May 2012, 19:00 – 22:00 (doors open at 18:30), ITV, The London Studios, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT

BLA BLA in Montreal

Vincent Morisset, interactive director here at unit9 has put together another installation for his award winning work BLA BLA, at Bian Montreal. The experience lets spectators immerse themselves into the world of BLA BLA; this time as interactive outdoor, single user, installation.

BLA BLA at Gaité Lyrique

Vincent Morisset, creative interactive director here at unit9 has put together an installation for his award winning work BLA BLA, at the Gaité Lyrique in Paris. The experience lets viewers immerse themselves into the world of BLA BLA, allowing them to watch, play and dive out of time and space.

Anrick Bregman FITC Amsterdam 2012

How can we make the internet a more tangible place? How can we create work in a more balanced way? Experienced, not browsed. unit9’s director Anrick Bregman asked these these questions during his “Can a website make you cry?” presentation at FITC Amsterdam2012.

Dawid Marcinkowski judges FIPA

Dawid Marcinkowski is off to Biarritz in France judging the FIPA 2012 awards in the category ‘Web creation’.

FIPA stands for International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, established in 1987. The festival aims to defend all genres of international audiovisual creation: fiction, series and soap operas, creative documentaries, reportages and current affairs, and music and live performance. 6 days of insightful, independent, demanding critique, and of sensitive approaches that reveal the world as it is in all its diversity.

London Calling

unit9’s Tom Sacchi, joins a prestigious bunch of london Co’s for the “London Calling” session at the Adobe User Group in Amsterdam Wednesday the 7th of December 12pm -7pm.


FITC Tokyo

Where lies the origin of inspiration? Join us at FITC Tokyo where unit9 director Roxik will be ‘Talking with a designer’s brain’.

We are.. Attracted to the mystery of the deep sea, And the wonder of the space, And comforted by the secret of mole, Spending nights with love delusion. Where lies the origin of inspiration? Leaving technology, logic and all behind, Feel what we share in our mind.

The Interactive Filmmaker’s Manifesto

A talk given by Martin Percy – Webby winner/ multiple Emmy and BAFTA nominee. An outline of what’s happening in interactive and personalised film. We’ll see clips from great work from all over the world, and see how these pieces relate to each other – leading to a manifesto on how to keep moving the medium forward. Proudly presented in association with unit9 and the Director’s Guild of Great Britain.

Friday 11th November, 1pm – 3pm at Channel 4 HQ.

The Ultimate Show & Tell: Fallon London

Matt Groves at Fallon London is again hosting the most supercharged Show & Tell in the world. Six of the world’s finest production companies sharing their latest projects over a few beers in a relaxed celebration of Ad Lands production industry. unit9 will be there.

Thursday 10th November, 2pm at Fallon London.

Where’s Ridley? Why doesn’t digital do directors?

Ben Lunt, Leo Burnett’s Head of Hypermedia is hosting a panel during Internet week Europe to find out why Digital advertising, with some notable exceptions, (Ehem… unit9) doesn’t do directors. unit9’s Piero Frescobaldi will be there to contribute.

Thursday 10th November, 6pm – 9pm at Filthy MacNasty’s.

Yahoo!’s PROVOKE Summit

“Has the digital age forgotten the art of storytelling?” unit9 director Anrick Bregman will join a panel chaired by Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder and editorial director of Contagious at Yahoo!’s PROVOKE Summit. An event that promises to bring together advertising industry decision-makers, tech enthusiasts and creatives in a conference designed to PROVOKE discussion and ideas. Tuesday 8th November, 3.30 – 5pm at the Hospital Club. event details

Creative Social presents ‘Creative Looting’

Our friends at Creative Social present ‘Creative Looting’ – Who’s idea is it anyway? Ideas can come from anywhere, right? Some of the finest Socials a dip into the world of creative harvesting and ponder on the originality of anything. Mind manipulation, mental institutions, loosing the plot, Do you play it safe or take risk? Pop down to LBi and join the Creative Social guys for the ultimate brainstorm.

Tuesday 8th November, 7pm-10pm at Lbi.

‘Kissing’ by Tango & Hawaii

unit9 will host an interactive installation by Tango & Hawaii for the duration of Internet Week. Tango & Hawaii will make use of unit9’s windows in Hoxton Square to explore an emotionally charged and intimate moment in an interactive context. Come and engage with this special edition of their ‘Kissing’ installation.

All week from 6.15pm – midnight at unit9, Hoxton Square.

unit9 Talk ‘Directors’ at Leo Burnett London

Where’s Ridley? Why doesn’t digital do directors? Ben Lunt, Leo Burnett’s Head of Hypermedia is hosting a panel during Internet week Europe to find out why Digital advertising, with some notable exceptions, (Ehem… unit9) doesn’t do directors. unit9′s Piero Frescobaldi will be there to contribute.

Christian Etter at Imaging the Future

Christian Etter, one of unit9′s staple Directors, was invited to give insights into the creative process behind his critically acclaimed app at the 2011 Imaging the Future symposium. The event offers professional masterclasses on digital images and their connection to new technologies, all of which are part of the International Fantastic Film Festival in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

unit9′s Anrick Bregman speaks at WAVE 2011

Yup, one of unit9′s Director’s has been invited to speak at the 2011 Wave Festival in Copacabana Palace, Rio. Anrick will be sharing his thoughts on interactive storytelling, and how emotions are what makes a good story, as part of the theme ‘how to start and reinvent the conversation between consumer and brand’. Catch Anrick between 4-5pm, on Tuesday 19th April.

Piero Frescobaldi judges 2011 FITC Awards

Originally a Canadian award, the FITC has now produced over 50 events since 2002, with over 20,000 attendees through 19 cities around the world. unit9’s Creative Director, Piero Frescobaldi, has been invited to join a judging panel of over 100 industry experts to judge the 2011 FITC Awards.

Piero Frescobaldi Judges FWA & One Show

unit9’s very own Creative Director, Piero Frescobaldi, has been invited to judge at three of the most internationally esteemed awards schemes for the design and advertising industries.