Gevorg Karensky


Gevorg Karensky

"The gear shifts. The rubber darkens the asphalt as the wheels break traction."

Gevorg was born in Russia and emigrated to  the United States at the age of 14. Initially dreaming of a career as a surgeon, the desire to have a more creative output led to a different path. However the qualities of perfectionism and attention to detail stayed with him. After learning English in one year and getting accepted Pasadena Art Centre College of Design, the work begun. Gevorg’s student piece Grand Theft Auto: RISE has quickly gone viral, receiving more than 13 million YouTube views.

Gevorg has a raw talent who’s contemporary style epitomizes the outlook of his generation. “Games, narrative, interaction, reality… the demarcation lines today are totally blurred, and Gevorg’s vision corrals them with confidence and humour.” says Piero Frescobaldi, Creative Partner. “As the film and gaming industry try to mimic one another, for Gevorg these are the same face and reality.”

Awards include AICP, Golden Addy Award, Silver Telly Award, Saatchi and Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase: Inductee 2013, as well as being Published in IDN International Magazine & DVD Collection and Featured in Siggraph 2010.